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At Regeneron, we are guided by our strong moral compass and our desire to help people with serious diseases. Our strong sense of integrity sets the foundation for our achievements. We go to great lengths to make sure we always meet or exceed ethical standards.

Our high-engagement, high-integrity culture sets us apart, providing a strategic advantage in attracting and retaining engaged employees. It also ensures that the highest standards of quality and integrity inform our every action, whether in our labs, manufacturing facilities or product delivery.

Ethical conduct builds trust in our company and is crucial to our business success. Our corporate philosophy of ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ inspires us and we pride ourselves on doing the right thing.

We take a collaborative approach to compliance and ensure that compliance principles and culture are embedded into each business unit. Our Compliance team always has a seat at the table and is an integral part of how our business is contemplated and conducted.

“At Regeneron we work hard to be proud not just of what we do, but of how we do it. Delivering results with integrity is key to our success and part of the core of who we are as a company.” Beth F. Levine, Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer.

Our Compliance Program

Regeneron maintains written policies governing a wide variety of legal, regulatory and policy matters. All such policies are made available to employees on the corporate intranet. Our Board of Directors sets high standards for our colleagues, officers and directors, which are underpinned by sound corporate governance. Regeneron’s Compliance Program incorporates the seven fundamental key elements of an effective compliance program as defined by the OIG.

Written Policies and Procedures

We maintain written policies governing a wide variety of legal, regulatory and policy matters. All policies are made available to employees on the corporate intranet and are updated as required. See our Transparency and Policies library.

Regeneron Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Regeneron Code on Global Interactions with HCPs

Healthcare Law Compliance Guide

Regeneron Policy on
Corporate Political Contributions

Regeneron Policy on Environment, Health & Safety

Designated Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee

Beth F. Levine serves as the Company's Chief Compliance Officer and chairs the Compliance Committee. The Compliance Committee is made up of senior leaders representing all the major functions in the company and meets at least quarterly to oversee the Compliance Program.

In addition, the Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors has oversight responsibility for all non-financial compliance matters. The Chief Compliance Officer provides a report to the Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee on the status of the corporate compliance program at each Board of Directors meeting.

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Effective training and education

Training resources include live training and online compliance education, as well as online access to policies. There are also new-hire and annual online training programs that support compliance education.

Effective lines of communication

Critical to the success of any compliance program is maintaining and fostering an environment where employees and others feel comfortable asking questions, raising concerns or offering ideas. Regeneron has an open-door policy that encourages employees to offer up ideas and solutions and allows employees to raise concerns to any supervisor, manager, human resources or the compliance department without fear of retaliation. Regeneron maintains an anonymous and confidential 24-hour helpline at 1-877-RGN-ETHX (1-877-746-3849) that provides individuals, whether employed by Regeneron or not, the means to raise concerns over any Regeneron activity that may be inconsistent with any law, regulation, company policy or our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

In addition to the confidential helpline, individuals may also make an anonymous report to our compliance website regeneron.ethicspoint.com.After entering the website, select File a Report to submit a question or concern.

These tools help promote an environment of compliance, integrity and trust amongst employees and our stakeholders.

Internal monitoring and auditing

Internal monitoring and auditing are integral parts of the Regeneron comprehensive Compliance Program. Effective monitoring and auditing aids in the detection and prevention of non-compliance. Regeneron has a dedicated team that conducts a variety of monitoring activities in an effort to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and policy.

Enforcement of standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines

Regeneron's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics includes a clear description of disciplinary standards, including the potential for termination as a result of non-compliance. Regeneron publishes its policies on progressive discipline and other disciplinary matters on its corporate intranet site.

Prompt response to detected problems through corrective actions

Any reports of suspected non-compliance that are raised to the attention of the Compliance department are promptly investigated. Any corrective action will take place in a timely fashion and where necessary, matters shall be reported to relevant governmental authorities.

Regeneron’s reputation relies on the collective commitment of our colleagues to conduct business ethically, legally and in adherence to the high standards that we set for ourselves. Our ethical conduct builds trust in our company and is crucial to our business success.

  • Quality and Safety

    Our ability to meet patients’ unmet needs depends on providing safe, high-quality products that people can trust.

    The safety of our patients is our top priority and critical to delivering on our mission. Regeneron’s award-winning Industrial Operations and Product Supply (IOPS) organization has systems and training in place to ensure delivery of innovative and safe products. We comply with quality principles in our operations, manufacturing and distribution. This includes activities in our research laboratories, IOPS facilities and distribution centers. We comply with Good Laboratory Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Clinical Practice and Good Distribution Practices.

    We take seriously our legal and ethical obligations to collect product technical complaints and adverse events related to our medications so that we can monitor their safe use throughout the product lifecycle. We are committed to our responsibility for timely reporting of safety information to the FDA and other regulatory authorities, in compliance with regulations and global expectations. In order to ensure full transparency to our expectations, we provide annual training on adverse event reporting for employees, contractors and suppliers.

    Regeneron’s Rensselaer site was proud to be awarded the prestigious Shingo Prize in 2019 in recognition of its culture of continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence.

    Regeneron adheres to quality principles in our operations, manufacturing and distribution.
  • Responsible Sales and Marketing

    Patients are best served when they and their physicians are given consistent, accurate and balanced information about our medicines.

    Laws, regulations and industry standards govern the advertising and promotion of our products. Our policies provide clear requirements for promotional materials and communications to employees, contingent workforce and vendors who communicate with the healthcare community. Customor-facing colleagues receive annual and extensive training regarding regulations and our policies.

    Visit our policy library for more information
  • Ethical Clinical Trials

    Regeneron is committed to protecting the rights and well-being of participants enrolled in clinical trials.

    We have several controls in place to ensure our clinical trial practices comply with laws and regulations and meet our high ethical standards.

    Regeneron is a member of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). We endorse BIO’s principles on the responsible sharing of truthful and non-misleading information about medicines with healthcare professionals and payers. We support data transparency that advances science and medicine, protects participant privacy and is in the best interest of individuals who use our products and providers who prescribe them. We are committed to sharing data from our clinical research and clinical trials in a responsible manner. View our Clinical Trial Disclosure and Data Transparency Statement.

    We are committed to and abide by all ethical requirements related to animal welfare in research, teaching and testing. All research involving the use of live animals must be approved by the Regeneron Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), a requirement of U.S. federal and state laws. The IACUC has a key oversight role, including the review and approval of animal use activities and inspection of animal facilities. In addition, we comply with the Three Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement), widely accepted ethical principles that are now embedded in the conduct of animal-based science in many countries around the world. Regeneron has earned accreditation from AAALAC International, a non-profit that assesses organizations that use animals in research, teaching or testing. More than 1,000 companies, universities, hospitals, government agencies and other research institutions in 49 countries have been accredited through AAALAC’s rigorous program and site evaluation review.

  • Occupational health and safety

    The health and safety of all of our colleagues is critical to our success, and our aim is to make the workplace the safest part of our employees’ day.

    We meet and exceed all Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Security regulations. We have an extensive range of programs, plans and procedures to ensure the safety of all people who come to work at Regeneron. These include:

    • Hazard recognition, evaluation and control elements
    • Workplace design and engineering opportunities
    • Regulatory compliance management
    • Occupational health and safety programs
    • Employee and management involvement, training, communications and audits

    We adhere to the standards set by local occupational health and safety regulatory bodies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Ireland Health & Safety Authority. We undertake routine site inspections and manage our leading EHS indicators to help reduce the risk of workplace accidents. We actively encourage colleagues to report potential hazards as a preventative measure.

    Read our policy on Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Responsible Supply Chain

    We assess suppliers annually against various criteria including risk, regulatory compliance, safety, quality and criticality to the business.

    Supplier Governance and Compliance
    As part of Regeneron’s compliance program, we hold our suppliers, contract manufacturers and business collaborators to our same high in-house standards, and we leverage existing policies to ensure adherence.

    Our business functions regularly monitor suppliers’ financial and operational stability by assessing various criteria including financial stress, quality management, safety compliance, conflict mineral traceability, information security and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including those related to anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Given the nature of our business, many supplier assessments concentrate on meeting or exceeding applicable good along with complying with other federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.

    Our Vendor Code reflects the biopharmaceutical industry’s expectations for sustainable performance and is aligned both with Regeneron’s standards and with the Pharmaceutical Industry Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management. We require that suppliers uphold the human rights of workers in accordance with applicable laws and treat them with dignity and respect.

    In addition, we include clauses in all our contracts verifying that suppliers adhere to all local and international laws.

    Our medicines are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, and we ensure that our supply chain maintains the same level of quality. Suppliers are routinely subject to quality audits, including written audits and on-site inspections. These audits, in concert with personal engagement of management and in-person meetings during routine business operations, would allow us to identify any violations of law or conflicts with our Compliance Program. Any supplier found to use forced labor or human trafficking would be terminated from the Regeneron supply chain.

    We are committed to continually reviewing and revising our supplier arrangements to help ensure that our suppliers' products fully comply with all laws, including human rights laws. We are committed to continuing to provide effective training and education to our employees on all compliance matters, including training for our supply chain professionals regarding human trafficking and slavery.

    Supplier Diversity
    Regeneron recognizes the value and importance of having a diverse supplier base reflective of our patients, customers, and the communities in which we live andwork. Our aim is to make small and diverse businesses an important part of our sourcing and procurement activities by actively seeking firms for inclusion in the competitive bidding process and utilizing these businesses to the fullest extent possible.

    Suppliers and the Environment
    Sustainable materials selection is important to our business. We actively support suppliers that offer safe, environmentally-responsible products. At our facilities, these can range from low-emissions carpet and low volatile organic compound paint to green cleaning products, environmentally-friendly lab supplies and compostable tableware. If materials are not compostable, we try to select alternatives with recycled content.

Regeneron’s business?—?to discover, develop and deliver new medicines?—?requires long-term investments, not only in our labs and clinical trials but also in our employees, whose work and commitment fuel our success. Our investments take the form of comprehensive programs to attract and engage the best and brightest minds, foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and develop and competitively reward employees.

The Regeneron Way

The Regeneron Way represents the values and behaviors that define who we are, what we stand for and how we work together.
If you think you’d be a good fit for Regeneron, visit our careers website.

The Regeneron Way: Lead with Science, Take on Big Ideas, Make it Happen, Be Great Together, Do What's Right The Regeneron Way: Lead with Science, Take on Big Ideas, Make it Happen, Be Great Together, Do What's Right

  • Talent attraction and retention

    Our recruitment and engagement programs are designed to champion a science-driven culture that inspires recruits and colleagues to think big, push boundaries and work collaboratively to change the world.

    We invest in a range of programs to attract, engage and reward the best and brightest minds, such as:

    • Postdoctoral Fellowship
      Our fellowship provides up to four years of formal postdoctoral training in a program directed by an award-winning educator.

      Learn more
    • Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation
      This annual award acknowledges and rewards talented PhD and postdoctoral students in biomedical research by granting over $150,000 in prize money.

      Interested in this prize? Contact us

    We engage our colleagues from the moment they join us to foster new ideas, feed their collective curiosity and heighten productivity. Our annual employee survey and regular Regeneron pulse surveys help senior leaders and managers understand and act upon issues that are important to employees. We also share information about our company and our corporate strategy through quarterly business updates and events such as the Global Regeneron Forum, an all-employee meeting.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Our colleagues represent a broad range of countries, faiths, ethnicities and ages – just like the people who take our medicines. We know we can better achieve our mission by creating an inclusive workplace where everyone’s ideas matter.

    As our company grows rapidly, we have a responsibility and the unique opportunity to foster a spirit of inclusion. That’s why we are expanding our business practices to promote diversity and inclusion and leverage the advantages of our broad-based workforce.

    We believe that grassroots, employee-led advocacy and interest groups offer a valuable platform to foster inclusion. Our Employee Interest Groups (EIGs) support and encourage like-minded colleagues to come together over shared interests. EIGs are completely voluntary, open to all and are supported with company-sponsored time and resources. Our EIGs include both traditional networks such as our ReLGBT Group, Women in Science and Engineering at Regeneron (WISER), and Veterans at Regeneron, as well as non-traditional groups such as Humanity of Planet Earth (for employees concerned about conservation and the environment).

  • Employee Growth and Development

    With thousands of our colleagues holding advanced degrees, we value original thinking and continuous learning. Our robust learning culture is based on scientific inquiry and includes numerous development and cross-training opportunities.

    One of the defining qualities of Regeneron is our openness to new ideas and continuous learning. We believe that we will only be successful if each individual can reach his or her full potential through continual learning and growth. Our Talent Development department promotes individual, leader, team and organizational development through a wide range of opportunities, including programs to support internal advancement, such as our Research Associate to Scientist career track, as well as targeted leadership development.

  • Employee Benefits and Recognition

    Our Total Rewards philosophy focuses on supporting our colleagues by providing programs that are consistent with our unique culture and acknowledge and support the diversity of our colleagues.

    Regeneron’s compensation, benefits and recognition philosophy focuses on supporting our employees by providing programs that are consistent with our unique culture and support the diversity of our employees at all stages of family life. Our goal is to offer comprehensive plans and programs that meet our employees where they are today as well as where they want to be in the future.

    We offer competitive benefits in part because we want to make sure employees have the peace of mind to focus on scientific innovation and bringing new medicine to patients.

    Learn more about our corporate benefits

“Confidence is hard-won in our industry, and we are very proud that patients put their trust in Regeneron to deliver high-quality medicines. It’s a serious responsibility, and we recognize we can only thrive if ethics and integrity remain at the core of our values.”

— MARION McCOURT Senior Vice President, Commercial

Transparency & Policies

Learn about our efforts to increase accountability and transparency at Regeneron.